Nikki is an artist who loves all things horror. Her art has always been inspired by film, especially horror films. While working as a projectionist she worked during an annual horror film festival. She got to watch horror films from all around the world, and got paid to do it! She may not be a projectionist at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped her from watching as many scary movies as she can. Don’t let her projectionist background fool you though. She is a lover of truly horrible, garbage films. The cheesier the better.

Favorite horror movie: The Shining (Despite Stanley Kubrick being an asshole)

Kate is, and has always been, very nerdy. She’ll play almost any TTRPG she can find, has a yearly reading goal of 50 books, and could talk for hours about composting (this is a warning). She also happens to appreciate horror movies and contextual analysis. Even though she’s a ridiculously jumpy person, she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying scary movies. At the end of the day, she’s a green-haired heathen trying to live her best swamp witch life while talking about the reciprocal nature of culture and the horror genre.

Favorite horror movie: Ready or Not

Curious about the podcast origin story? Nikki and Kate started a simulwatch chat for scary movies sometime in quarantine (no one can say when, time is fake) and realized they actually had a lot more to say about horror and society.