This week Nikki and Kate watched The Descent and recorded while being haunted by audio ghosts. We also ask for your address. Actual movie related conversations include the multiple endings for the movie, reliable vs. unreliable narrator, and primal screams. 

We committed some audio sins, don’t worry we’re atoning. 

Rated R for strong violence/gore and language

Content warnings:

Claustrophobia, graphic car accident, parent death, child death, blood, gore, spiders, cannibalism, eye mutilation, broken bone, jump scares, vomit, anxiety attacks, flashing lights, shaky cam, someone struggling to breathe

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Rotten Tomatoes: A year after a severe emotional trauma, Sarah goes to North Carolina to spend some time exploring caves with her friends; after descending underground, the women find strange cave paintings and evidence of an earlier expedition, then learn they are not alone: Underground predators inhabit the crevasses, and they have a taste for human flesh.

Literary Devices -> literary element and literary technique

Literary element: Narrative structure, characters, plot

Literary technique: metaphors, similes, irony

Irony: verbal, dramatic, situational 

Stages of dramatic irony: presentation, suspension, and resolution

Baptism: spiritual renewal, turning point

Ironic baptism: rising from the blood and absolutely crushing crawlers

Bloody claw marks. A warning. 

Omens- bats

Hella bats

Real bad cgi bats

The only way out is down. Where have I heard that before. As Above So Below. 

The flare lighting it up red- descent into hell

Metaphorical descent into hell – comparison to The Inferno??? The sin of coveting thy neighbor’s husband

Haunted by the death of your daughter underground 

Yeah it was after the accident that she dipped. Awkward apology, cool. It’s definitely cause you were banging her husband. 

The worst thing that could have happened to you has already happened. There’s nothing left to be afraid of. 

How do you give a lemon an orgasm? You tickle it’s citrus. 

Fuck the rope bag. Lolololol. 

Cave paintings. Symbolic of regressive cannibalistic urges or beasts. 

I’m just like…wildly attracted to all of these badass women. Like you know field first aid? You know how to find a tunnel with fresh air? Kiss me about it!

Alternating green light scenes with red light 

The second time they have the scene of Juno sticking the climbing axe in her belt 

The filming when Sam is dangling and fighting with the creature

What are the things we fear and how do we work through that, how do we cope with it?



Abandoned Hospital Awakening

Accidental Murder

Action Girl

Almost Dead Guy

Ankle Drags- the staircase

Arc Words

Artistic License- Medicine


Bat scare

Better to Die than to Be Killed – Unable to Self Terminate

Beware the Nice Ones

Big Sister Instinct

Break the Cutie

Cannibal Larder

Catapult Nightmare- when someone sits bolt upright upon waking from a nightmare

Cerebus Call-back

Chekhov’s Gun

Chekhov’s Skill

Creepy Cave

Creepy Child

Cruel and Unusual Death

Cruel Twist Ending

Danger Takes a Backseat

Developing Doomed Characters

Don’t Sneak Up On Me Like That

Double-meaning Title

Downer Beginning – Downer Ending

Dramatic Necklace Removal

Dying Moment of Awesome

Eye Scream

Final Girl


Freeze Frame Bonus – Rewatch Bonus

Genre shift- primal fear to slasher movie

Gory Discretion shot – car crash, killing Beth

Hope spot

Hot teacher

A House Divided

Howl of Sorrow

I’m a Humanitarian

Man Bites Man; Not So Different; Rule of Symbolism- descent into madness

Matchlight Danger Revelation

Mood Whiplash

Nothing in Scarier

Rock Bottom – form of tempting fate. When Beth is trying to calm Sarah down and says the worst thing that could happen to you has already happened, you have nothing left to fear.

Tears of Blood – Juno in the car at the end

Through the Eyes of Madness

Took a Level in Badass – that feral energy

What could possibly go wrong? – the rock bottom moment as well as Juno saying “she’s never been lost in her life”

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