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Soon after moving into a suburban tract home, Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) become increasingly disturbed by what appears to be a supernatural presence. Hoping to capture evidence of it on film, they set up video cameras in the house but are not prepared for the terrifying events that follow.


Nerd Corner:

Viral marketing- demand it feature, tweet your screams

Why horror movies can have such a high ROI

  • Horror movies can be made cheaply: limited locations, less talking, fear of the unknown, cheap costumes and props, low budget looks fit into the horror aesthetic, profit sharing, quantity over quality, and sequels. 

Blumhouse Production model/method

VIDEO: We Made A Horror Movie About The Business Of Horror Movies


Kate Notes:

Already some discord- she didn’t want a big camera, she wanted a small handheld 

He’s pushy

Gesturing with a knife. That’s gotta be a trope

It feels very 2000s to make jewelry. Maybe because that’s what I did.

The normal guy trying to goad the girl into doing sexy things and objectifying and she’s all shy and not interested. 

Alarm system panel in the bedroom? Is that normal? 

Micah is giving off those sleezy vibes like the guy in Scream

Why does he have to be such a dick?

Katie is exasperated with Micah not taking it seriously- really invalidating since she’s dealt with this since she was a child

The psychic treating Micah like the child he is. 

“What a fruit.” -Micah, being a total asshole.

Micah fucking LYING about turning the camera off. I HATE HIM. Micah asks if she can bring the ghost back. AGAIN invalidating her feelings and desire to be rid of it. What she has experienced as haunting he sees as a game. He taunts the entity by moving the door and mocking it. 

Micah does research on demons and ghosts, talking about how serious it could be and he says it’s rare and cool to get it on tape but she’s not having fun. 

She very calmly tells him that if it gets worse she wants to stop the camera and not make it mad. He tells her that she should have told him prior to moving in and it’s a weird moment. 

Masculine taunting and need to show dominance. 


He said he wants to get a Ouija board. And they both tell him that it’s a bad idea and they don’t want to do that. Katie makes him promise him not to buy a ouija board. 

He keeps fucking antagonizing it and Katie tells him not to and he won’t fucking stop. She keeps telling him it’s not funny and he needs to take it seriously. 

That’s an elderly tv. 

“Why are you crazy like this” -ableism, minimizing, gaslighting

He doesn’t want to bring in an exorcist cause he says that makes it worse. I FUCKING KNEW IT. I HATE YOU&

We don’t wanna make it worse lemme do the exact thing that they said would make it worse. 

I said I wouldn’t ~buy~ it fuck face. 

She was excited to leave the house and relax and he’s like lol what if I totally ignore what you want. 

Spells shit out and then catches fire. And the demon fucking runs away. 

I love how you’re so focused on the board you might miss the stuff happening around the room like the fluttering of the plant leaves. 

He keeps trying to control her emotions and tell her that it “isn’t the time for that”

“I think she’s pissed.” YOU THINK

“Whatever is that good enough for you?” he can’t be fucking sincere and think about what she wants. 

For most of the time she’s yelling she’s off camera. 

“Take a deep breath, pop a pill, it’s fine.” 

“Pop a pill my ass.” 

“No one comes in my house, fucks with my girlfriend, and get’s away with it.”

“This is my house, you’re my girlfriend, I’m gonna solve it”

“You’re too cute to be talking.” So you like your women silent???

I’m in control, I’m making progress.

“You are absolutely powerless. Get over it.” 

He uncovered her foot because he knows that you can’t leave a foot hanging over the edge, that’s how the monsters get you

Stop telling her to chill. 

She’s dragged the fuck out of bed

The camera as impassive. 

Katie and second voice speaking “I think we’ll be okay now” and that CREEPY AS FUCK SMILE

Gets up and stands unnaturally rigidly and stares at Michael. The sheet is pulled off of him. She walks over to his side of the bed and then stares at him from right over him. “I threw up” moment right there.


The impassive camera again


Daylight horror- when the taunting continues into the day with the picture frame

The fourth wall will not protect you

Freeze-frame bonus- Katie’s shadow moves before she does

Voice of the legion- when she has that double voice it basically means she’s evil or possessed. 


Tropes that demonstrate how much Micah sucks:

Asshole victim- Micah. Enough said.

Bullying a Dragon- Micah antagonizing an invisible demon

Exact words- buy a ouija board

Improv- “We would either surprise them with something that was happening during the night, or, if it was any of the daytime scenes, we would just give them the generic setup and let them do their own thing and improvise everything,” he said of his interaction with the actors. “In a few other cases, depending on the scene, it would be more involved. In many cases it was very collaborative. I would tell them, ‘This is the scene we’re about to do,’ and we would kick around ideas.” (mtv 2009).

It’s all about me- he centers his ability to protect Katie and his ownership of Katie and the house. It’s not about empowering her or facing something as equals. He has a very possessive understanding of their relationship. 


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