Two girls must battle a mysterious evil force when they get left behind at their boarding school over winter break.


Nerd corner:

Elements of an exorcism movie

Interview with the director about the theme of the movie: possession genre is trojan horse for a story about loss

The clip Nikki was talking about


Kate notes:

Ah Rose is clearly preggers. OR is it the demon? Is it like supposed to be we think it’s pregnancy but it’s actually like a demonic thing?

Wow I totally thought Lucy Boynton was Emma Roberts.

You see a lot of shots through mirrors. Interesting. 

Non-linear timeline

Kat bowing in a weird fucking way???

What are these timelines? Is Joan existing at the same time as the other ones? 

Oh she is possessed as fuck. HA. pushing furniture in front of the door, good call. 

Those gymnastics. Damn.

The devil goes back to Bramford?

The wife is dead? She’s trying to warn her? She doesn’t see the resemblance? 

“I can’t see you at all.” I can’t see Joan like sixth eye shit or I can’t see Rose in you

Tear dripping from Kat’s eye. Is she still in there. 

Did Kat lock her out? Are the sisters gonna worship some devils too? Kat killed them? Shuddering around the edges? Ah yes blood on the doorframe. HA

Love that fucking shot. Rotates 180-160 until you see just a lil bit of blood, but you never realize they’re underneath where the camera can see.

Interesting that they wait so long to introduce Kat as Kat, is it because we mostly see her as possessed until we see how she got there? 

Reflection of horned beast in bathroom tile.

Movie does a lot with reflections. 

She tries to call her parents but the devil picks up. Make sure you dial the right number babies.

Hoo boy that squishy stabbing. That is some juicy foley. 

The feeling of being let down after that shutter click.

The mirror is limiting our view and maybe speaking on duplicity? 

Girl just take your shower. Ignore the spooky girl in the basement. 

Lots of replay of shots to show same scene from different perspective or with new info

Hail Satan x2 then demonic screech. He shoots upon that good old screeching.

Are they gonna try to sacrifice her to get their daughter back?? Just focus on the road. 

Getting sinister vibes. Or more like desperate. The knife in the purse. 

She throws up after murdering them. Welp. You got your work cut out for you girl. It’s hard to dismember bodies.

What you got in this suitcase, rocks? Heads.

Putting blush on over the blood spatters and smears. Gotta look your Sunday best if you’re gonna meet Satan at the furnace.



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