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Summary: Rotten Tomatoes

When Sally hears that her grandfather’s grave may have been vandalized, she and her paraplegic brother, Franklin, set out with their friends to investigate. After a detour to their family’s old farmhouse, they discover a group of crazed, murderous outcasts living next door. As the group is attacked one by one by the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface, who wears a mask of human skin, the survivors must do everything they can to escape.

Nerd Corner:

Ed Gein biography! Courtesy of Wikipedia



“The vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent, not criminal and not dangerous.” (APA 2014)

“While perpetrating violence is relatively uncommon among those with serious mental illness, when it does occur, in many cases it is intertwined with other issues such as co-occurring substance use, adverse childhood experiences, and environmental factors” (APA 2021)

People will point out research that says folks with mental illness (primarily schizophrenia, manic depressive disorder, and major depressive disorder) are slightly more likely than folks without these illnesses to commit violent crime. But it’s not by that much and it’s usually with a comorbidity or complicating factor, like substance abuse. And other studies have shown that environmental factors are also a huge contributor- is adequate, stable housing accessible? Do people in that neighborhood earn a living wage? These are huge factors. 

So basically…even though n

Kate Notes:

People generally say that this movie is a classic because it is “unrelenting,” “harrowing,” “punishing,” and “ nothing but an exercise in tension. Grotesque, looming, filthy tension.” (Rotten Tomatoes)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre literally invented the slasher film as we know it: the masked killer, the grisliness of the slaughter (though in “Chain Saw” it was notably understated), the utter insanity of the rampage, the fiery strong “innocent” girl whose sexual restraint is what saves her in the end. That last trope is far from insignificant.” (Gleiberman 2017).

“This narrative setup has since become a convention for slasher films (along with the faceless killer), but what makes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a true work of art is its hallucinatory visuals, its brilliant camerawork and unexpected angles, its dazzling use of daylight and darkness, its heightened, straining sound effects, its pathological interest in the human body, and co-writer, director, and producer Tobe Hooper’s masterful ability to cast a spell of fear and tension around the actors until it leaks out into the audience like a fog of insanity—even shutting your eyes won’t drive it away.” (Mulleavy, 2014)

Some people have said it’s supposed to call attention to the horrors of the meat industry, others have said it’s supposed to make us wonder what could make humans sink so low into wretched depravity, some people read it as a critique of industrial capitalism, which I like, and others have held it up as a critique of the hippie counterculture. Of the interpretations, I find the one put forward by Gleiberman in Variety the most compelling: [it] unfurls as a cosmic punishment — be young and loose and free, and travel in a van into the lawless Southern wilds, and this is what will happen to you…To watch “Chainsaw” is to realize that living without license comes with a price, and that we’re still running from the terror.” (Gleiberman 2017). 

Hoo boy I knew there’d be juicy foley but DAMN

Okay a gelatinous skull, ah it’s the hair. Okay there were two of them. Got two heads. Hm. 

Saturns a bad influence LOL

They pass a slaughterhouse, foreshadowing mayhaps 

I have thoroughly horrified this van of people now to take photos of them

Don’t go in an old house, that’s dangerous. Let me set you up with some cannibals instead. 

Is that just a random collection of bones and feathers? Sure is!

Ah, bones hanging from a doorway, this does not bode well. 

This is our miscellaneous bones basket, for when we don’t really have a project for them just yet

She gets out the door then is dragged back in. well that’s upsetting. So close to freedom yet so far. OH

Right on the meat hook. That’s upsetting 

Is this the chainsaw, from the title??

Tbh I totally forgot there would be a chainsaw. I thought it was your garden variety massacre 

Those nipples aren’t fucking around 

Oh they really brought the chainsaw out to play in the second half

Was gas FREE then? He’s gotta ration the gasoline in that damn chainsaw

She looks like a malfunctioning animatronic 

Kill him maam. Kill him real good. He uses a broom to knock the knife out of her hand and then just keep bopping her with the broom. Perhaps the funniest fight scene I’ve watched in a while.

The humor and tension of him going back to turn off the lights and the radio. Cost of electricity 

A family that kills together stays together 

He needs something to be angry about so he’s gonna stay mad about the door. 

Ah they prick her finger to give to grandpa. He’s still ALIVE IN THERE?

Oh he likes sucking blood okay. Well that’s horrific. 

Yeah babe I’d pass out too. Interesting sudden zoom out.

Takeaways: I like the camera work, I think the foley is juicy as all get out, she’s cuffed to some arms. 

OMG that dude being SHREDDED by the semi


Aw pls truck driver be okay

Interpretive dance time? 


Bury Your Disabled- this trope is in line with “bury your gays” 

Gory discretion shot

Never trust a title- the vast majority of character deaths are due to a hammer, not a chainsaw. Only Franklin is killed with the titular chainsaw. 


Broom poke

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