Glass Shark, MBMBAM

Oh No, Our Table, It’s Broken



Rotten Tomatoes: As a group of New Yorkers enjoy a going-away party, little do they know that they will soon face the most terrifying night of their lives. A creature the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Using a handheld video camera, the friends record their struggle to survive as New York crumbles around them.

Nerd Corner:

Classical Period (Halloween)

Postmodern Period (Scream)

Neo-slashers – post 9/11, usually center on home invasion or giant enemies, fueled by existential dread and xenophobia


The horror of a meaningless death, becoming a statistic. 


Cloverfield reflects the societal fear of a sudden, pointless death in a mass casualty event 


As Reeves said in an interview:

“It was the idea of doing a monster of our time that speaks to the anxieties of our time, and the epicenter of that is New York. Does it play on fears? That really is for the viewer to decide. But in the same way that ‘Godzilla’ and films about unfathomable destruction do, well, this is a movie genre that is specifically pointed to those fears.”

Kate Notes:

Why are you up that early? That is a beautiful view of central park tho

Beth’s dad’s place. Yeah I was right, a millennial could never afford that. 

Once we get to the bridge we’ll be fine. LOL SURE. That bridge is gonna go down. 

Monster hate bridges. There’s one thing about glass shark you gotta know. 

Are you still filming? People are gonna want to know how it went down. People will need  to see this, it’s  gonna be important. People are gonna watch this. 

Beth on the phone. Gotta figure out in this moment if it’s gonna be a good thing if they go back for Beth or if it will doom them.  

A boom and then the bridge starts swaying and people start panicking. As is human nature. 


And the bridge starts coming down, the whipping wire noise, got that could decapitate you

Okay so it was good that they were further back

Marlena weeping, Hud trying to ask Rob if he’s okay after watching his brother die. Rob is clearly in shock. They’re next to a fucking Sephora. 

Wow I fucking hate how they showed all the looters as Black men. 


The military has been mobilized. 

We get our first monster moan!

This feeling of helplessness and ongoing danger from potential collapse. A strange respite from active danger. 

Clicking noise!!!!!!

Will you be quiet for five seconds? 

The night vision AHHHHHHHHHHHH

They were on the ceiling! I knew that would happen but STILL. The noises they make is kind of cute? The skuttling! The chomping isn’t. Marlena just goes to town with a metal bar and then is attacked and blood is on the camera. 

Okay my mouth has been open most of  this film in absolute shock. 

Wow a horse drawn carriage without a passenger. Omg, her building is um, leaning on its friends for support. 

The muzak in the lobby. Of course the elevators aren’t working. Gotta get that cardio bb. 

My dudes, live wires. Something actively crumbling. Using the pipes as pieces of the  building are FALLING OFF

No lie, this is the part of the movie were I got nauseated. 

What is that? I don’t know, something else, also terrible. 

It’s got a little tadpole tail.

You’re getting some good good monster moans 

Juicy fucking foley. The auto focus attempts. Wowza.


Crisis Point Hospital

Ludicrous Gibs

Godzilla Threshold


Reality has no soundtrack

Helicopter flyswatter

Giant equals invincible

Smoke shield


 Exploding Marlenas 

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