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The Day of My Toilet’s Wedding

Your Toilet’s Quinceañera 

Love Like Woe- The Ready Set



A state-of-the-art remake of the classic William Castle horror film about a family that inherits a spectacular old house from an eccentric uncle. There’s just one problem: the house seems to have a dangerous agenda all its own. Trapped in their new home by strangely shifting walls, the family encounters powerful and vengeful entities that threaten to annihilate anyone in their path.

Nerd Corner:

Remakes of the 2000s

What do the changes (from original to remake) say about our relation to technology, society, and each other? 

7 types of conflict:

  • Person vs. self
  • Person vs. fate/destiny
  • Person vs. person
  • Person vs. society
  • Person vs. supernatural
  • Person vs. nature 
  • Person vs. technology

Kate Notes:

I love a movie with a ninety minute run time. It knows what it’s about, you know?


Kalina’s wet for that machine. 


Was this movie her audition for a neutrogena commercial?


Perpetually moving house, keeps you on your toes. It’s not just that they’re not familiar with it, but they have no chance to become familiar with it. A corn maze that changes.


Man I love Tony Shaloub. He plays a broken man so well. He either plays a scummy guy or someone whose wife died tragically. No in between. Except for the many diverse roles between


I love how the math teacher is like, I’m gonna solve this by counting to 12.


LOLOLOL standing ominously at the end of the hall has not succeeded! I have to do something else!


I truly love how she’s like I will push EVERY BUTTON until this ghost machine spits out something I like.


Canis Latinicus

Haunted House Historian

The World’s Expert on Getting Killed

Deadly Bath

Closed Circle

Haunted House

Big Fancy House

Creepy Basement

Inheritance Backlash

Darker and Edgier

Dead All Along

Driving Question

Even Evil Has Standards

Everything’s Better with Spinning

Blessed with Suck

Bloodless Carnage

Briefcase Full of Money

Jump Scare

Let’s Split Up, Gang!

Mr. Exposition

Murder into Malevolence

Names to Run Away from Really Fast

Number of Objects Title


Split lawyers

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