Summary: Rotten Tomatoes

In the far Northern Hemisphere, the small town of Barrow, Alaska, experiences a solid month of darkness every year. Though most of the residents head south for the winter, some townspeople remain behind. However, those that stay regret their decision when, one year, hungry vampires descend on Barrow to feed. Sheriff Eben, his wife and a dwindling band of survivors must try to last until dawn breaks over Barrow’s month-long twilight.

Nerd Corner:


Vampires as a mirror- “what if you truly are what you’re afraid you are”

Vampires in this film are less of a mirror and more of an invader that is so clearly “other”

Invasion films after 9/11

Kate Notes:

Northernmost town in the US, roadless wilderness. Really playing into isolation, literally says isolated. Humans as social creatures and isolation.


The nothingness stretching in every direction damn 


Muffin monster? Okay at least I’m not the only one. 


And they motorboat his neck real good. 


He’s not from around here. He’s new in town.


Stop the fucking truck. For what frand?


The repetition -stop the truck what stop the fucking truck to get in the truck what get in the fucking truck. 


Blood on the snow. Very striking as a visual. 


Stella is going with him and he’s like “yes pls I could use your sexy help.”


The vamps are flipping the cruiser. Moment of silence and then hands hands everywhere and narry one to hold. 


Stella doesn’t have her hat. Sad. 


Everyone is cuddled up separately. Friends share the warmth!


Hatchet to the shoulder then at the neck. Ah, the slow grueling process of decapitation. Oh, not so grueling. 


A new version of the trauma swing.


Some slow-mo of a ragtag group in the snow. 


Ah Jake beheads the child. Poor kid. He’s gonna be as fucked up as Ken Loney. 


I love that she’s wearing a pretty satin dress. She started petrifying. OMG lover boy skateboards through the door.


Pretty dress, high doc martens, and petrified limbs.


Don’t you hate being stuck at work during the vampire apocalypse. 


Eben in the utilidor, more or less. Ah the grinder. I can’t wait for some vamps to go in there. 


Billy has snuck in to the utilidor. Noisier than one would hope. And of course a vamp has followed him.


And Billy has been gotten. Billy shoves him in the meat grinder but did lose a hand in the process. Billy shrieks endlessly, sounding like a vamp so Eben beheads him.


Lover boi gives him two good scratches. 


I love that they all have good fighting etiquette. 






They’re like nvm no thanks on that one and they run. Stella joins him as the sun starts to come up.


And Then John Was a Zombie

Decapitated Army

Feral Vampires

Leave No Survivors



Neck motorboats

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