Summary: Rotten Tomatoes

Parents take drastic measures when it seems their new home is haunted and their comatose son is possessed by a malevolent entity.

Nerd Corner:

Why are children often the focus of evil in horror movies? 

  • Children are perceived as innocent and vulnerable, but that hasn’t always been the case
  • Social construction of childhood and the way it has changed over the centuries
  • How situating a white child at the center of a horror movie takes advantage of the value our society places on childhood to scare us

Kate Notes:

Use of negative space in horror. There are a lot of traditional jump scare set-ups and when you have a wide shot with a lot of negative space, you don’t know where it will come from.

(Cassidy article below gives Halloween example explained in episode)


Patrick Wilson is like, ghost movie? I’m already there. 


Okay we have the setup of a single mom who works too hard jkjkjk she is married but dad shoesn’t pull his fucking weight. Three kids, at least two of them har for sure hers. The third kid kind of appeared out of nowhere. 


Kid hits their head, great. That’s good for them I hear


Is it ever a pair of adults that don’t have children? Why do we need the children to be vessels of creep and fear? Is it playing to adult fear


I don’t like when he walks around at night. Sinister. Wait wrong movie lmao


Metal banging and clanging at night, always a good sound/sign


Camera movement in this is really interesting for a non-found footage style film. Sometimes the camera moves like it’s following movement in the way it would if someone were holding it, like the movement feels organic


Okay so he’s clearly flashing back to his childhood, did he spend some quality time in a coma?


No one is allowed to have rocking horses! All of them are haunted. Every single one. 


Listen to mommi Lorainne! All Loraines are mommi. I don’t make the rules. 


Dude comes in with a hot pocket and a discerning eye


I want him to turn it around and show a glorified stick figure


Of course it has the tortured souls of the dead, why wouldn’t it?


Nice Job Breaking It, Hero -> Pyrrhic Victory

Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book

Not Afraid of You Anymore (subverted)

Plucky Comic Relief 

Psycho Strings

Supernatural Proof Father

Title Drop


Oversized flashlights

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