A mysterious stranger in a remote police station takes over the minds and souls of everyone.

Nerd Corner:

Scottish Reformation


Religious imagery in the film

The villain is a self-professed Christian, the context of Calvinism in Scotland

Kate Notes:

The whole Purgatory thing

He lights a cigarette with a match, how quaint. The devil doesn’t fuck with something as pedestrian as a lighter. 

Chekov’s box cutter!

He says sometimes people need to be disciplined, maintains their natural order. Calvinist!!

Mundie tells PC how very much not friends they are. 

The primary antagonist is a hypocrite and zealot.

OOF he has Nikki’s L4D2 gun??

I really do like the word queue. It’s 80% vowels.

Mundie says no to teamwork and runs away, gets shot in the process. Karma

Ew he licks the door. 

Why is licking the universal sign of “this man is fjucked up”


Body horror- usually about a wild arrangement of limbs or body parts, or the intentional mutilation of those parts. This was less The Forest, however, and more about head squashing. 


Bloody Horror- tool, biblical imagery, crown of thorns, scourging – there’s a lot of religious symbolism in blood. 


Splatter Horror- genre


Deadly Doctor- juxtaposition, perversion of power, hypocrisy 


Satan smooches

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