Set in present day Texas, “Frailty” centers on the FBI’s search for a serial killer who calls himself “God’s Hands.” McConaughey plays Fenton Meeks, a young man who approaches the lead investigator one night claiming he knows the identity of the killer. The FBI agent is curious, but unimpressed until Fenton reveals that the killer is his younger brother Adam. This is a film about faith, family and the end of innocence.

Nerd Corner:

American exceptionalism

  • American exceptionalism is exceptional
  • We behave better
  • Our success is due to our genius
  • We’re responsible for the good things that happen around the globe
  • Our choices and power are supported by God

Western Imagery and Wild West themes of rugged individualism 

Adam becomes the law, ordained by God -> microcosm of american exceptionalism

Kate Notes:

He knows who the God’s Hand killer is! You haven’t even heard me out yet and you doubt me. Biblical phrasing. 


Fuck you and the ambulance you drove in on lmao


It’s all well and good until dad has a vision


LOL mooooooom when am I gonna get my magic weapons? I don’t fucking know, soon!


Bill Paxton’s beer is so much like our boy’s in Dying Light.


You gotta LITERALLY run away from your problems otherwise they’ll catch up.


OOF daddy’s got a body


God gives better directions than MapQuest.


I’m sorry you didn’t see the evil too, son. But don’t worry some day you’ll be able to see evil like your pops.


An Axe to Grind

Asshole Victim


The Ending Changes Everything

The Family The Slays Together

Insistent Terminology

Mundane Made Awesome

Punny Name

Tomato in the Mirror

Tomato Surprise


Bowling angels

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