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A would-be thief is remanded to the custody of her estranged mother, who turns out to be correct in her assertion that evil spirits are afoot in their family domicile.

Nerd Corner:

Defining a genre and subgenre

Different lists for horror subgenres

  • MasterClass: Psychological horror, Slasher, Gore, Body horror, Found footage, Monster horror, Paranormal horror, and Comedy horror
  • No Film School: psychological, killer, monster, and paranormal

Similar structure for jump scares and jokes: setup and payoff (tension, release) 

Three different ways to blend comedy and horror (drop funny characters into horror story, meta-textual with alternating tones by scene, or the tone of a horrific moment is so heightened it becomes funny)

Theories of humor- superiority (boo), incongruity (woo!)

Setup of paranormal story with tropes, those are then subverted for scares and jokes

Kate Notes:

A corded phone- supposed to show how miserable it is to be tethered to home

Weird ass music at night, she follows it through the house. It’s a mobile phone, LOL hello moto!

Someone rises up behind her and when she turns you don’t see anyone. That big white sheet!!!! Jump scare Jesus!!

Her anklet beeps  and she looks down and a CREEPY HAND GRABS HER ANKLES

He’s just always ready for ghost communication and I love that for him

Head shaking at her in disappointment and secondhand embarrassment- you can’t punch ectoplasm

Three quarter scale Jesus

The jump scare of the sheet standing above Dennis and then the comedy of the lights going off “no it was that one” and then the lights off and NOISES and then lights on to see him fjucked up

Are you ready to proceed with the story that he was attacked by a vengeful ghost?



The mother leaves and Kylie does laundry. Is Amos still under that car? She’s never washed a toilet in her life has she. She’s vacuuming the stairs.

He breaks in somewhere. Ah, the neighbor’s house. He’s not very good at finding, clearly not a hufflepuff. He’s gotta be a Gryffindor. 

Man the last 20 minutes of the movie is just WILD


Ones that set up the haunted house expectation:

Agent Mulder

Agent Scully

Bedsheet Ghost

Creepy Basement

Creepy Doll

Haunted House- subverted 

No One Could Survive That

Not Quite Dead

Insane Equals Violent (inverted; becoming a discredited trope)

Worst Aid


Jump scare Jesus

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