How Have You Not Seen


Summary: Rotten Tomatoes

Mia records the daily lives of Deborah and her daughter Sarah as part of her thesis. As the days progress, strange things happen around Deborah, and it becomes apparent something has taken control of her.


Nerd Corner:

Incidence vs. prevalence

Alzheimer’s incidence and prevalence (current and predictions)

How do we navigate our fear of Alzheimer’s in horror?


Kate Notes:

They wanted to make sure they made the switch quickly enough so it didn’t seem like it was exploiting a neurodegenerative illness impacting millions of people. 

Losing connections like the switchboard

“Standing in the dark, that’s awesome.”

Very Paranormal Activity where we watch Deb for a while wondering what we’re supposed to be looking for and then Deb wakes from sleep with a jolt

This is not normal, as she’s among the new holes

Looks at my field of holes, daughter!

They let her spinal juice gurgle out. Is that what a spinal tap looks like?

Just a spooky old lady playing piano in a dark room smiling at you. Nice.

Mia invokes the draft LMAO

Switchboarding is best when naked.

Babe how did you translate that online. All you know is the audio

I’m not sure about the pronunciation of that name. “Day har-deen” I think it’s day jhar-duh(n)

He’s not missing, he’s dead. Did sweet Deb kill him

Luis understands how hard it is to find salad

Sarah hitting on the cop? Sheriff Tweed……….ACAB means you too unfortunately

Oh my god Luis and Gavin are not who I thought.

Okay so just do a swipe swap every time I said Luis when I really meant Gavin

Whimpering thud. Not a great combo of sounds.

“Demonic babbling”

“A mentor of yours” lmao, they’re really calling out the catholic tropes

Spiritual parasites!!

And of course, you white man, took pictures of a Black woman’s suffering and then you took fucking pictures of a child’s cremation. 

Burn Harris, he’s flammable 

Is that the river rouge? FROM THE TITLE

Listen I really didn’t think half of this would be a manhunt

Appropriation of native cultures and their rituals never ends well 



Animal motifs: snakes

Audience surrogate, but not actually -> actually the Meta Guy

Body Horror: snake jaw

I Know You’re In There Somewhere fight

Jump Scare

Mama Bear

Screw This I’m Outta Here vs. Know When to Fold Em

Shown Their Work (opposite of Dan Browned)

Signature Scene



Deepthroated noggins


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Two panel meme shows Schmidt and Cece from New Girl. The original meme has Schmidt asking "Are you the thieves? From the statistics!" This meme replaces the text with "Are you the thieves? From the title??"