Summary: Rotten Tomatoes

Members of a punk-rock band and a tough young woman battle murderous white supremacists at a remote Oregon roadhouse.


Nerd Corner:

History of racial exclusion and violence in Oregon

Skin heads across the globe and through time

White supremacist and neo-nazi violence in Portland

Kate Notes:

Should I just make nerd corner about him and the senselessness of the loss?

And then just music as they push the van out of the cornfield, hair blowing in the wind.

The idealism of a punk band on the road. Nature and community and nostalgia.

Juxtaposition of different types of community

People waking up around the record player as centerpiece

City lights in the background. That wistful building music across scenes of their camaraderie

You see the shot through the windshield, limited to what Pat would see.

Then they fucking rock it. Classical score playing as you watch them get INTO IT

Classical music over a mosh pit, red solo cups.

I really love the juxtaposition of the classical music over gritty moments. It’s jarring but it’s also beautiful.

Focusing on the table while he searches her body. The cigarettes, the lighter. She is reduced to her possessions.

How quietly things can fall apart. (when they’re strangling Justin and Amber slices him up the middle)

Something I loved about the Ain’t Rights is that they bickered over little shit but when stuff started going down they showed how much they actually care about each other. Instead of blaming Pat, Tiger helps him steady his breathing and tells him he held out longer than he could have. Reece is a guiding force.

Amber and Pat communicate and ask consent for things and plan.

Amber and her box cutter. Name a more iconic duo.

I love how she has the big gun and he has a teeny tiny one. No room for toxic masculinity here.


Faux Affably Evil

Air Vent Passageway (subverted)

Badass bystander

Bad guy bar

Bookends (shit!)

Boom, Headshot

Bottomless Magazines (averted) -> Counting Bullets

Brick Joke

Chekhov’s Gunman (subverted) – Fauxshadowing


Defector from Decadence

Villain by Default

Dissonant Serenity

Dwindling Party

For Want of a Nail (finally???)

He Knows Too Much

Hope Spot (Daniel’s defection, then headshot)

Improvised Weapon

Minor Crime Reveals Major Plot

Oblivious Janitor Cut

Running gag- fire hazard


Firecode violations

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