Dr. Génessier is riddled with guilt after an accident that he caused disfigures the face of his daughter, the once beautiful Christiane, who outsiders believe is dead. Dr. Génessier, along with accomplice and laboratory assistant Louise, kidnaps young women, and brings them to the Génessier mansion. After rendering his victims unconscious, Dr. Génessier removes their faces and attempts to graft them onto Christiane’s.


Nerd Corner:


Parts of the eye

Proportion of visible sclera -> fear responses from seeing another person’s fear response

Why humans may have more visible white sclera than other mammals

How horror uses our fear response against us



The Atoner

Bittersweet Ending

Bloodless Carnage

Disturbed Doves

The Dog Bites Back

Eyes are Unbreakable

Faking the Death

Heel Realization

Heel-Face Turn

Karmic Death

Police are Useless

Uncanny Valley

White Mask of Doom


Uncanny valley


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Kate Notes:

I want a collection of crime cars from horror films

There’s a cute lil series on the haunted houses, gotta find the artist. We should do one for crime cars.

The rocking of the camera as they go down the hall. The first person nature

Those trees are creepy as sin. The shot of them leaving the graveyard and getting into the car.

Driving away, you see the distance growing through the trees

Lots of reflections in the film: the mirror, the reflecting pool, shiny ass cars

Lots of scene building with noises changing as he moves through the villa.

I love when the stairs aren’t visible to the public they’re like whatever. We’re not fancy among friends.

Watching her wear the mask you’re wondering where you should be looking and what emotion you can gather without the expressions.

Secretary has her mischief music

Her pseudo bucket hat

Oh he is SWEATY.

Okay this is gorier than I would anticipate

Not overly so, yet. He cuts that so fast.

Oh god around the eyes.

Forceps to lift it off. Okay now it’s like a rubber mask he’s lifting from her face.

Clamping it up as he works his way around.

God this is prolonged. The French really got away with a lot here.

Dang the focus on the secretary’s face

What do we do, we lift. And you just see bloody face beneath. Not too long so you see that it’s just her face with jam on it.

I’ve done so much wrong to perform this miracle. (religious connotation of miracles, angelic, etc.)

There’s very little non-diegetic sound. We get themes for some of the characters when they’re engaged in Activity of Note.

But I also have to come back for life for others. Does she mean that she owes a debt to the dead or does she mean she needs to be among society.

Angelic? I don’t know about that. When I look in a mirror I feel like I’m looking at someone who looks like me but comes from the beyond.

She’s not even on the moody chaise, she’s just on the ground.

Cops are useless even in France.

Jesus Christ- they’ll make sure she gets home safely and then we cut to the pencil on the face